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Once paternity is established, a number of legal rights and obligations come into play for both fathers and their children. For fathers interested in establishing parental rights, establishing paternity is the first step in the legal process that must be taken. For mothers interested in collecting child support for their children, establishing paternity is necessary before the court can order child support payments.

At the Law Offices of Roger W. Stelk, we help clients prepare and file all necessary paperwork in paternity cases. After paternity is established, we then assist them in asserting their parental rights or in collecting child support payments. In cases where visitation is sought, we help you prepare a parenting plan and outline of visitation schedules. If you are seeking child support, Mr. Stelk can explain the financial factors involved and apply the Illinois child support formula to your situation to provide you with a preliminary estimate of the child support involved.

If you are interested in establishing paternity for the purposes of asserting your parental rights or collecting child support, contact family law attorney Roger W. Stelk today to schedule a free consultation (847) 506-7330 and discuss your case.

Child Support and other Benefits after Paternity is Established

Once paternity is legally established and recognized by the court, your child’s father can be ordered to pay child support. The court will evaluate his financial situation and make a determination as to how much child support is owed. Furthermore, your child will have a legal right in regard to the following in relation to his or her father and his estate:

  • Coverage under the father’s health care benefits
  • Certain legal rights during probate
  • Status as an heir of his or her father’s estate
  • Access to father’s medical history for health-related concerns
  • Right to father’s Social Security disability or death benefits
  • Can be claimed as a dependent for tax purposes or on applications for financial aid

The Parental Rights of Fathers – Visitation, Custody and Adoption

After a father’s paternity of a child is established, a parenting plan can be put in place that allows you to spend time with your child. In cases where a birth mother is trying to give a child up for adoption, a father can contest the adoption once his paternity is confirmed. Additionally, if a mother falls ill or passes away, a father can apply for custody of his children once his paternity is confirmed by the court. In cases where a father is interested in establishing visitation, once paternity is acknowledged by the court, parenting time will be ordered by the court once it determines the best interests of a child are not in jeopardy.

Contact Paternity Test Attorney Roger W. Stelk Today

Taking a paternity test is relatively easy — using a cotton swab, a sample of your DNA is collected from the inside of your cheek. In some cases, a blood test may be ordered. Once a certified lab confirms the results, the court can be petitioned to acknowledge a father’s paternity and begin the process of either establishing parental rights or child support obligations.

To learn how we can help you, contact family law attorney Roger W. Stelk today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case (847) 506-7330.

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Roger W. Stelk

Arlington Heights family law attorney Roger W. Stelk provides legal representation and advice to people facing divorce, child custody, and real estate law matters in Cook County, the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and Northern Illinois. As the founder of the Law Offices of Roger W. Stelk, his goal is to provide the highest quality legal services in a professional, personal and comfortable atmosphere.

Years of Experience: More than 30 years
Illinois Registration Status: Active

Bar Admissions: Illinois State Bar Association McHenry County Bar Association Northwest Suburban Bar Association

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