Could Shared Parenting Have Negative Effects on Your Child?

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Shared parenting is often challenging for parents but it can be an even more difficult process for children, sometimes causing negative effects that follow them through adulthood. In cases of shared parenting, decision-making regarding the child is shared and a child typically lives in each parent's home for specific amounts of time. This can be emotionally distressing or potentially confusing for the child. Determining the Child's Real Home Under shared parenting arrangements following a … [...]

The Impact of Income Shares on Child Support

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Illinois has recently adopted the income shares model of calculating child support. This new model significantly alters the methods used to calculate child support and it is important for parents to understand how the new model will affect the amount of money they may be required to pay or may receive. Benefits of Income Shares Model Illinois' adoption of the income shares model takes into account everything from a parent's income to the amount of time each parent spends with their children. … [...]

How the Income Shares Model Changes Illinois Child Support Calculations

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The income shares model of child support calculation went into effect on July 1, 2017, and replaced the former method of calculating child support that used percentages of the income of the noncustodial parent. Instead of simply taking a percentage of the parent's income according to the number of children that needed support, the new income shares model uses a complicated formula to determine the amount that should be ordered. The income shares model is supposed to be fairer and looks at the … [...]

The Rules of Lead Disclosure in Illinois

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Federal laws require property owners and their real estate agent to disclose the presence of lead in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. These disclosures must be made before a sale is finalized and failing to disclose the presence of lead in Illinois can have serious consequences. Because the presence of lead can have serious, long-term health consequences, it is something that all homebuyers should take seriously and thoroughly protect themselves against prior to the … [...]

The Consequences of Failing to Pay Child Support

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In Illinois, court ordered child support payments are mandatory. If a parent fails to make payments, state and/or federal authorities may step in to impose various penalties that range from fines to jail time. Illinois Child Support Payments According to Illinois laws, court ordered child support must be paid, regardless of other obligations. If a parent falls behind or stops making payments without working out alternative arrangements through an Illinois family law attorney, the state will … [...]