Dividing Assets in the Digital Age

digital assets, family law

Digital assets continue to confound many people as they seek a divorce. Unfortunately, these assets are intricately linked to many people’s lives, containing photos, diaries, financial information, business contacts, and other sensitive information. Finally, people take these assets for granted and do not even consider how they might be treated during a divorce. What are digital assets? Digital assets cover a variety of assets including: Social media accounts, including, blogs, … [...]

Five Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Property Manager

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There are a few important things landlords should consider before hiring a property manager. Making the correct choice can save them time and allow them to expand their investment portfolio more lucrative. Hiring a property manager too soon or choosing the wrong manager can lead to ongoing headaches and lost revenue. The following five tips will help property owners make an informed decision when they are ready for a property manager. Individual or property management company? Established … [...]

High Asset Divorces Involving a Business

calculating business value, divorce

Individuals with significant net worth can take steps to protect their assets during the divorce process. Because high asset divorces can involve everything from business ownership to sizable art collections, it is important to retain an Illinois divorce attorney who has experience guiding individuals through every stage of the divorce. Defining the Value of a Business High-asset divorces frequently involve business owners. It is important to determine the actual value of the business and the … [...]

The Most Common Issues That Can Arise When Buying Residential Real Estate

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The excitement of purchasing residential real estate is often tempered by legal issues and challenges that arise during the process. The following are some of the most common issues that buyers can face when purchasing real property. Real Property, Real Problems Liens - There are two forms of real estate liens. Voluntary liens include mortgages secured against the property by lending institutions. Involuntary liens can be placed by creditors, the builder, or state, federal, or local tax … [...]

Military Families Face Unique Challenges, Considerations in Divorce

military couple, family law

Military couples who decide to divorce are typically faced with a more complex process than those who are civilians. While divorce is rarely an easy life event to experience, when military laws and the lifestyles of military members and their families are added to the equation, the process is often lengthy and more complicated. Understanding the complexities involved can help ensure that current military members, veterans, and their spouses achieve a fair and comfortable resolution. Divorce in … [...]