Red Flags to Avoid in A Commercial Lease

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A commercial lease typically contains professional language and legal terms that require review by a real estate attorney before it is signed. A long-term lease with unfavorable terms can create financial and operational burdens for a tenant or business owner. Red Flags in Commercial Leases A Short Lease Term Unlike residential leases, commercial leases typically offer longer lease terms, negotiated on a yearly basis. Rather than a one-year lease, commercial leases usually offer terms from 5 … [...]

Fighting for Fathers’ Rights in Illinois

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Fathers continue to face an uphill battle when it comes to achieving equality in child custody cases in Illinois and throughout the nation. Although the law no longer presumes that mothers make better parents, single fathers are still less likely to retain custody of their children. According to the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, there were approximately 2 million single fathers in the United States in 2013, but only about 17 percent of custodial parents were men. And while equal … [...]

Preparing for the Season of Divorce in Illinois

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As the peak season for divorce approaches, many couples in Illinois are in the process of preparing for the dissolution of their marriages. Unfortunately, most couples who are in the process of initiating a divorce are in such a rush to end their unhappy situation that they do not fully evaluate some of the most important factors that will affect their futures. They simply contact a divorce attorney and start the filing process. When this happens, couples often find themselves facing heated … [...]

Required Real Estate Disclosures in Illinois

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The Illinois Real Property Act requires sellers to disclose known defects and problems with a property. The law protects buyers from purchasing homes that have serious defects, and it protects sellers from liability for any defects that appear after a sale is completed. Required Disclosures Illinois requires home sellers to disclose in writing information regarding the quality, safety, and healthfulness of both commercial and residential real property. Sellers are required to list the … [...]

Impact of New Laws on Illinois Divorce

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Legislators have made considerable changes to the Illinois Dissolution of Marriage Act in the past couple of years. These changes reflect the evolving needs and lifestyles of Illinois residents. Going forward, it's important to understand the impact these amendments will have on everything from parenting time to spousal support payments. (Article continues below Infographic) Introduction of Gender Neutral Language The State of Illinois recognizes same-sex marriage and has removed the words … [...]