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Arlington Heights and Chicago Property Division Lawyer

At the conclusion of the divorce process, the property and debts held by the couple must be divided. Illinois follows the equitable distribution rule, which means that property and debts are divided in a fair manner, though not necessarily in equal portions. In general, the larger the marital assets and the longer the duration of the marriage, the more complicated it is to divide the property.

To protect your rights, you need advice and representation by an experienced property division attorney. The Law Offices of Roger W. Stelk has represented clients in divorce proceedings for over 30 years. We have extensive experience in property division matters of all types and degrees of complexity.

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Untangling Commingled Property

Certain types of assets and personal property, such as those coming from inheritances, are considered non-marital assets. Property and possessions acquired during the time of the marriage are usually considered marital property. The problems come when one type of asset is used to acquire the other, or when they become commingled in other ways.

Attorney Roger Stelk understands property division and the methods and circumstances by which assets become commingled. He has successfully represented numerous clients in complex property matters, including marital estates involving businesses. He will work to achieve a fair division of financial assets, real estate assets, personal property, pensions and 401-K assets, and other types of marital property. When necessary, he can call upon the services of financial analysts, forensic accounts, appraisers, and other professionals to support the client’s case.

The creation of a prenuptial agreement can help avoid potential property division disputes before they occur. Our firm can advise and represent you in these matters as well.

For a free initial consultation with a property division attorney at the Law Offices of Roger W. Stelk call (847) 506-7330 or contact us. Located in Arlington Heights, our firm serves clients in Cook County, the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and Northern Illinois.

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Roger W. Stelk

Arlington Heights family law attorney Roger W. Stelk provides legal representation and advice to people facing divorce, child custody, and real estate law matters in Cook County, the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and Northern Illinois. As the founder of the Law Offices of Roger W. Stelk, his goal is to provide the highest quality legal services in a professional, personal and comfortable atmosphere.

Years of Experience: More than 30 years
Illinois Registration Status: Active

Bar Admissions: Illinois State Bar Association McHenry County Bar Association Northwest Suburban Bar Association

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