When Are Parents In Illinois Required to Attend Parent Education Courses?

When Are Parents In Illinois Required to Attend Parent Education Courses?

In some cases, parents may need to attend parenting classes in Illinois. However, there are certain questions that parents may have about these circumstances and the possible exceptions. Here are some explanations about what to expect with Illinois parenting courses.

When Do Parents Need to Take Parenting Classes in Illinois?

Illinois law states that parenting classes are needed when parents of children who are still minors are involved in court proceedings regarding parental responsibility and time. These cases include post-judgment cases that discuss changes made to parenting time and responsibility or the child’s relocation.

Possible Exceptions to the Requirement

Parents may not be required to take parenting classes if they can convince the judge that they have a good reason for being excused from parenting classes. The judge will only allow parents to avoid these courses if the decision is found to be in the children’s best interests, and the court needs to document the reasoning in the actual court record.

The Reason for Taking Parenting Courses

According to the Cook County court, there are several reasons why parents may need to take parenting courses, including:

  • To teach parents to get past their differences and create an environment that’s both safe and stable for their children, with emphasis on meeting their needs
  • To help parents develop healthy communication between each other along with their children, promoting a mutual respect for both parties’ wishes
  • To help lower the expenses pertaining to litigation between both parties
  • To give parents the resources they need to keep their children removed from conflicts between both parents.

Finding Court-Approved Parent Education Programs

Parents required to take parenting classes will need to take them via a parent education program that the court has approved. Many of these education programs falsely claim to have been approved and received certification from the Circuit Court of Cook County. However, the only two parent education programs that have been authorized include the Focus on Children (FOCUS) in-class program and the Children in Between Online (CIBO) online program.

Parenting classes may be beneficial to both parents and their children when required to take them, but they may be able to avoid them entirely if they can prove why they’re unnecessary.

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