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Work schedules and child custody

Any Illinois couple with children who divorces is faced with decisions that can play a big role in how much time each parent spends with a child. It can be difficult to come to an agreement that is beneficial to children as well as parents, but state law requires that the best interests of a child come first. In some cases, what is best for a child may not seem fair to one or both parents, but child custody lawyers in Illinois know that it is important to follow all court orders.

When deciding how to award child custody, judges consider a wide range of factors. One of the factors that may impact a custody arrangement is the work schedules of each parent. If one parent is required to work more hours than the other, a judge may rule in favor of the parent who is able to spend more time caring for the child, as long as there are no other reasons why that parent cannot take on that responsibility.

A preference for parent time over outside care

In general, the court prefers to set up a custody arrangement that allows a child to spend the majority of his or her time under the care of a parent, rather than a third-party caregiver. While having to send a child to daycare does not automatically mean that the other parent deserves custody, it may play a part in how a judge decides to rule in a custody case.

Setting up a custody schedule

When the court rules in favor of a joint custody arrangement, state law requires that parents to come up with a plan that outlines the time to be spent with each parent. Parents should take into account their current work schedules and how they may hold sway over how much parenting time is awarded. In some cases, parents may need to create more than one custody schedule to account for erratic hours required at a place of employment. In addition, some parents may be required to communicate regularly to make a plan for their children every week.

Working with the other parent

Child custody lawyers in Illinois understand that parents need to be willing to work together in order to provide shared parenting time for their children. Most experts agree that children do better when there is a certain level of stability in their lives, and if a parent’s work schedule is affecting how a child behaves, it may be best to reevaluate custody arrangements to better help a child deal with a divorce.

Some working parents obtain legal aid from child custody lawyers in Illinois when going through the process of divorce. Parents may benefit from expert advice on how to come up with an ideal arrangement for a child, as well as the adults.

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